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"I suffer from asthma and finding relief can be a challenge. Began using ACTIVE IM to support my joints and found my asthma symptoms also being reduced. ACTIVE IM has changed my life!"
Ashley W.

“At first, the cost of ACTIVE IM shocked me. I buy store brand supplements and not until I started reading the ingredients did I realize I’d have to take 30+ capsules a day. Doing the math, this would cost me more than $200 per month as I would have to consume the entire container in 3 days in comparison to 1 scoop of ACTIVE IM per day to get the same potency. I’m now on ACTIVE IM and save $130 each month… better results and better value!”
– Mai V.

“Always skeptical when it comes to brands not displayed in major retailers due to product credibility. Have purchased holistic supplements, specific to relieving inflammation, in the past as I enjoy leisurely activities with husband and grandkids. Friends of mine told me about AVIDACO’s product – ACTIVE IM and the levels of testing procedures conducted by NSF as an independent label verification source. Tried ACTIVE IM and really found it more effective than what I was previously purchasing. Effectiveness notwithstanding, I’m now skeptical of the brands carried by retailers which are NOT independently tested!”
– Sylvia L.

“I heard about AVIDACO’s new product ACTIVE IM from some friends. I went online and compared supplements facts vs. what I was buying from a local health food store. WOW… ACTIVE IM was more than 5 times the strength for a similar price. After taking ACTIVE IM as my overall mobility has improved 10-fold!”
– Danielle L.

“When is the last time a protein user took a protein capsule, tablet or pill? Not going to happen. Why? You want the protein to be assimilated rapidly to help restore and rebuild muscles. My point is this, why would you want to take a supplement to help reduce discomfort in a pill form when powders like ACTIVE IM are available? ACTIVE IM works and AVIDACO has figured it out!”
– Harpreet S.

“Great to see a company come up with a powdered formula that works! Traditional pills or capsules are difficult to take and frankly, I’m concerned as to how much is actually absorbed. With ACTIVE IM I know that I’m getting my monies worth as we all know that liquids absorb much easier thus the results are faster. Thanks, AVIDACO.”
– Enrico G.

“My doctor put me on a prescriptive med to help relieve my back pain. The med did work; however, I became alarmed when reading through all the possible side-affects. Determined that my long-term health is not to be compromised. Spoke to a pharmacist and he recommended trying ACTIVE IM. Volunteered for trial group and, while it did not give me instant relief, I could certainly tell that my back feels better, my energy has returned and best of all, no side effect worries.”
– Shelly T.

ACTIVE IM ingredients are impressive. I really like that it contains zinc. My wife and I both use zinc whenever we feel a cold is coming on. Aside from all the other product benefits it offers a great way to boost the immune system.”
– Michael A.

“Switched from a competitive brand to ACTIVE IM due to its ingredient MSM. As a long-time horse owner, I understand what MSM can do to help improve soreness and help reinvigorate activity. I’m sold on it.”
– Walt J.

“Thanks to AVIDACO, I know longer have to mix various herbs, minerals and vitamins purchased separately. ACTIVE IM has the ingredients I need all in one daily scoop. So much more convenient. Love the tangy taste of ginger.”
– Jeff B.

“Was on ACTIVE+ PRO for 3 years and decided to give AVIDACO’s newest product – ACTIVE IM a try. Found the ginger flavor more to my liking and noticed my body responded faster on ACTIVE IM. Really like that ingredient mixture of vitamins, minerals and herbs. Also, the addition of L-Glutamine is huge as I need the muscle recovery after my daily workouts. Love the product and more importantly….the results!”
– Kelly D.

“I’m no athlete yet quite fond of walking and a round or 2 of golf each week. At my age, pain usually is the determining factor for any activity. Heard about ACTIVE IM and decided to try it. Noticed that my body felt better within a week and now thinking that 3 rounds of golf is possible!”
– Javier H.

“As a former professional basketball player, my overall health is important to me. Keeping fit is a lifestyle choice but it is also mandatory in my current firefighting position. Exercise, proper nutrition and quality supplements all play a significant role in my program. ACTIVE IM is my daily foundation product as it helps me create healthy responses. Great product and great taste!"
– Shannon S., Retired Professional basketball player

“I'm a mother of 3, work fulltime and rigorously maintain a daily fitness regime. Recently, I had noticed the aches and pains in my joints beginning to limit my activities. Taking a friend's advice, I now start my day with ACTIVE IM, a premium joint health care supplement and now look forward to my busy lifestyle. Thanks, ACTIVE IM.”
– Kelly W.

“As a former athlete, I refuse to let aches and pains limit my passion for daily fitness. Having suffered numerous knee and shoulder injuries, I started taking ACTIVE IM to help relieve inflammation and support my joints. ACTIVE IM is the product my body needs.”
– Moses W.

“I'm 63 years old and train five days a week in spin classes and strength conditioning. I heard several gym members talk about ACTIVE IM and how it helped them with joint and muscle support. I've never been much of a supplement user, but I tried ACTIVE IM and found the results amazing. I'm now hooked as my body feels great.”
– Hop I.

“Inflammation has always been my problem. As a former competitive athlete, my body has basically worn itself out. Have tried various supplements to find natural comfort. Not until trying ACTIVE IM by AVIDACO have I felt this good.”
– Jim S.

“A trusted instructor at the gym introduced me to ACTIVE IM several months ago. Staying fit with a regular working out program of weights and spinning is a lifestyle choice that I will not allow pain to compromise. ACTIVE IMworks wonders for me to support my healthy joints and muscles. Are you on IT? If not, you should be!”
– Rikki I.

“I have been a competitive long-distance runner all of my life, and recently suffered my first major joint injury in my left ankle. A fellow teammate suggested ACTIVE IM to me, and I immediately started taking it to support my joints and muscles. Thanks to ACTIVE IM!”
– Saylah J.

“Thank you AVIDACO, this is a great product! Because of injuries and subsequent surgeries, I was limited by knee and back pain for many years. Taking ACTIVE IM helps me maintain the active lifestyle I desire.”
– Donna M.

“The only thing I can say about ACTIVE IM is....‘IT WORKS!’ ACTIVE IM is part of my daily regimen.”
– Kathy M.

“Can’t say enough about this product as I noticed my body responding in 3 days. The taste is good but the ACTIVE IM results are GREAT!”
– Katherine C.