Support Studies Abstract

Comparison of ACTIVE IM as a Dietary Supplement for Healthy Anti-Inflammation and Joint Support Responses vs. Other Leading Products

AVIDACO, LLC initiated studies, with professional healthcare providers, to evaluate the effectiveness of its new product, ACTIVE IM. Designed as a healthy anti-inflammation response and joint support formula, ACTIVE IM was compared to another AVIDACO product, ACTIVE+ PRO, a market leading top national big box brand and a placebo. 

The 2016 single blind study conducted by healthcare professional providers, included individuals, all of whom met pre-determined baseline criteria; (1) expression of minor to major syptoms associated with inflammation and discomfort, (2) under no prescriptive meds nor taking any OTC products for relief and (3) averaged at least 3 days per week of moderate to strenous physical activities.

The 40 individuals, 20 females and 20 males, 10 each within the age ranges of 21-40 and 41-69 comprised the study group. Each of the 4 groups were administered 20 days of the 4 products per the 4 testing cycles with directions for daily use consistent with product labels: 1 scoop of ACTIVE+ PRO, 1 scoop of ACTIVE IM, 4 capsules of top selling big box retailer brand and 4 capsules of a placebo. Between each test cycle, individuals abstained from any supplementation, other than their regular diet for 15 days. Individuals submitted self evaluations based on product response vs. their conditions, after each test cycle, on a improvement rating scale of: 1=no improvement, 2=subtle improvement, 3=noticeable improvement, 4=significant improvement and 5=excellent improvement. All test cycles were completed and evalutions analyzed by an independent auditor for submission to AVIDACO in summer of 2017.

Study results demonstrate significant responses with ACTIVE IM vs. comparisons within each study group regardless of age and or gender. ACTIVE IM was rated 55% more responsive than ACTIVE+ PRO, 240% more responsive than the top national brand and 372% more responsive vs. the placebo. Collectively, the average of 85% reporting significant results authenicate ACTIVE IM’s favorable response to conditions associated with discomfort vs. other products.

Regardless of age or level of activity, the comparison to other leading brands illustrates ACTIVE IM may be an effective dietary supplement option for those experiencing discomfort and desiring a healthy anti-inflammation response and joint support product.