Absorption Facts

Pills, Tablets or Capsules vs. Liquid Solution Supplements

Did you know that when you take dietary supplements (such as vitamins and minerals) in the traditional pill, tablet or capsule form your body only assimilates 10-20% of the nutrients? That figure declines, as we get older. The body along with its natural waste eliminates 90% of ingredients contained in these traditional forms.

Less than 20% of non-liquid supplements are assimilated into the body according to the highly respected medical guide for doctors, the Physician’s Desk Reference (page 1542, #49).

The Physician's Desk Reference provides research proving that only a small amount of the nutrients in non- liquid supplements are actually absorbed by the human body. In contrast, the absorption of supplements in liquid form is 98%!

Liquid supplements work by getting absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Liquid supplements, in contrast to their pill, tablet or capsule counterparts, are assimilated into the bloodstream faster, are gentler on the stomach, and are more easily digestible because the body does not need to first break them down to absorb as is the case with pills, tablets or capsules.

We invite you to compare the effective cost and daily-serving recommendations of other leading dietary supplements that support healthy joints and a healthy anti-inflammation response in pills, tablets, or capsules vs. our effervescent powdered liquid solution product - ACTIVE IM. Value and efficacy matter!