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“An active lifestyle is important to all of us. ACTIVE+ PRO, an NSF Certified for Sport premier joint health product by AVIDACO, has all the key ingredients packed within a potent powdered formulation. Don't sit on the sidelines...get in the game.”

– Warren Moon
QB, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, 2006

“As a Major League pitcher the health of my arm is critical. I'm also concerned about the overall wellness of my body. For me, ACTIVE+ PRO is what I turn to when I am working out to support my joints and muscles, without the harshness to my stomach that some drugs and products can cause. It is easy to take, and tastes great, and gets absorbed quickly.”

– Joe Nathan,
Closer, Detroit Tigers. AL All-Star: 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2012 & 2013

“Maintaining healthy elbow and shoulder joints allows me the opportunity to compete. My livelihood depends on health and full mobility. Shouldn't yours? AVIDACO's product ACTIVE+ PRO is a significant part of my daily program. Make it yours as well.”

– Ryan Vogelsong
Starting Pitcher, San Francisco Giants. NL All-Star: 2012 & 2014 World Series Champions

“An offensive lineman's job is opening holes for the running backs and protecting the quarterback. The task is made most difficult if inflammation makes my joints and muscles sore. ACTIVE+ PRO by AVIDACO is my product of choice so that my body and performance is always at its peak.”

– Lane Johnson
OT, Philadelphia Eagles. 1st Rd 2013 Draft and 4th overall pick

ACTIVE+ PRO is an unbelie vable product... they picked up where others left off. AVIDACO has made a joint support product that meets the rigorous needs and demands of professional athletes. What I love about this product is how they combined the traditional joint support supplement with supplements that support joint flexibility while adding digestive enzymes that stabilize and help the body more rapidly absorb the nutrients. This is the most balanced well-rounded product I have taken in 14+ years as an elite athlete.”

– Kenta' Bell
2004, 2008 U .S. Olympic Team Member

“As a former professional basketball player my overall health is important to me. Keeping fit is a lifestyle choice but it is also mandatory in my current firefighting position. Exercise, proper nutrition and quality supplements all play a significant role in my program. ACTIVE+ PRO is my daily foundation product as it helps me maintain healthy joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort. Great product and great taste! ”

– Shannon Swillis,
former professional basketball player

“I'm a mother of 3, work fulltime, attend college as a part-time student and rigorously maintain a daily fitness regime. Recently, I had noticed the aches and pains in my joints beginning to limit my activities. Taking a friend's advice, I now start my day with ACTIVE+ PRO, a premium joint health care supplement and now look forward to my busy lifestyle. Thanks AVIDACO.”

– Kelly W.

“Instructing up to 15 aerobic classes per week was putting a huge strain on my body. The lack of recovery, constant soreness and overall stamina jeopardized my teaching abilities. To support my muscles and joints I started taking ACTIVE+ PRO to provide support to my joints and muscles. My class members might not like the results as I can keep pushing them to my limits. I'm proud to say... I'm ON it!”

– Kelly D.
certified aerobics instructor

“As a former athlete I refuse to let aches and pains limit my passion for daily fitness. Having suffered numerous knee and shoulder injuries, I started taking ACTIVE+ PRO to help support my joints, bones and muscles. ACTIVE+ PRO is the product my body needs.”

– Don W.

“I'm 63 years old and train five days a week in spin classes and strength conditioning. Heard several gym members talk about ACTIVE+ PRO and how it helped them with joint and muscle support. I've never been much of a supplement user but I tried ACTIVE+ PRO and found the results amazing. I'm now hooked as my body feels great and ready to continue my activities.”

– Hop I.

“A trusted instructor at the gym introduced me to a premier joint health product, ACTIVE+ PRO several months ago. Staying fit with a regular working out program of weights and spinning is a lifestyle choice that I will not allow pain to compromise. ACTIVE+ PRO works wonders for me to support my healthy joints and muscles. Are you on IT? If not, you should be!”

– Rikki I.

“I have been running since 1970 and cycling since the early 80's. As I get older, it becomes more difficult to push myself to go for a run or ride due to minor aches and pains associated with working out the previous day. For the last several months I've been taking ACTIVE+ PRO either during a ride or after a run. I love how ACTIVE+ PRO supports my joint mobility and muscle recovery. I was always feeling sluggish during the last 10 miles of a 40-mile bike ride, but it now seems I have a stronger finish. I like to mix ACTIVE+ PRO with half almond milk and half water, making it an enjoyable beverage. Also, I like that I don't have any side affects such as sleep deprivation.”

– Richard M.

“I have been a competitive long distance runner all of my life, and recently suffered my first major joint injury in my left ankle. A fellow teammate suggestedACTIVE+ PRO to me, and I immediately started taking it to support my joints and muscles. Thanks to ACTIVE+ PRO!”

– Saylah J.

“Thank you AVIDACO, this is a great product! As a result of injuries and subsequent surgeries, I was limited by knee and back pain for many years. Taking ACTIVE+ PRO helps me maintain the active lifestyle I desire.”

– Donna M.

“The only thing I can say about ACTIVE+ PRO is....‘IT WORKS!’ ACTIVE+ PRO is part of my daily regimen.”

– Kathy M.

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